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Opportunities to Learn and Grow 

Curiosity & Creativity


Leaning into the Reggio approach to art, we treat a child's artistic learning as a process more than an end-product. Children are given open-ended materials with a great amount of freedom. Though we will do guided crafts throughout the school year, most art will be free form and experiential. 


Children are invited into songs throughout our morning together, especially as we transition between activities. We also have various musical instruments available to explore and engage with.  


The outdoor and indoor classrooms at Lucky Ducklings are arranged for constant movement. Children will rarely be seated at desks or tables, as they are instead invited to move freely throughout their environment while they play and create. Our outdoor environment is expansive with many opportunities to climb and jump so that children can grow in their gross motor development. 


Through daily journaling opportunities, Lucky Ducklings meets each child where they are at developmentally while encouraging them to grow in confidence and ability. We use song, finger play, tactile exploration, and pencil to paper practice to engage children in their language development. 


Children are naturally engaging with math in everything they do. From building puzzles, to exploring angles with blocks, to building intricate train tracks, they are learning the fundamental concepts of mathematics. 

We formally introduce math through counting games, introduction to the visual basics of fractions, and the concepts of height, size, and mass. 

Outside Play

True to the Forest School model, the majority of the school day is spent in the 1 acre forested classroom outdoors. When engaged with the natural world, children are able to learn respect, autonomy, self-esteem, socio-emotional regulation, and confidence in a way that is hard to find anywhere else. 

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